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Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, also known as Washington DCA, is just a three-mile drive south of downtown Washington, D.C., making it one of the most convenient options when it comes to getting to and from the nation’s capital.

10 Things To Know About Washington DCA Airport – Complete Guide

DCA Airport

You might not know these interesting facts about DCA, but here are some that you might be interested in:

  1. As early as November 1938, construction began on Washington National Airport. During his presidency, Franklin D. Roosevelt chose the site.
  2. In addition to adding gravel and sand to the site, nearly 20 million cubic yards of water were removed from the site.
  3. Approximately a quarter of the airport sits on the site of Abingdon Plantation, where George Washington’s granddaughter, Eleanor Parke Custis, was born. The ruins of the plantation were stabilized after it was destroyed by fire in 1930, but the site is still open to the public. In Terminal A, you can see artifacts from the plantation.
  4. As part of the opening ceremonies, Roosevelt attended the opening ceremony of the airport in June 1941.
  5. A terrace with an observation deck was available at the airport, and more than two million visitors visited it during its first year of operation. Passengers accounted for 344,257 of those.
  6. A new name for the airport was announced in 1998 to honor the former president, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. In honor of President Reagan’s 87th birthday, President Clinton signed the legislation authorizing the change.
  7. The Washington DCA and Dulles airports are part of a two-airport system serving the metro D.C. area.
  8. With nonstop flights between Washington, D.C., and a radius of 1,250 miles, Washington DCA is intended primarily as a “short-haul” airport. In addition to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, and Seattle, there are daily flights to these cities. International flights as well as long-haul flights are served by Dulles.
  9. At the airport, there are 44 gates and almost 100 shops and restaurants.
  10. luxury limos Transportation Services makes traveling to and from Washington DCA hassle-free. In addition to DCA (as well as Dulles and Baltimore/Washington International airports), we provide convenient, reliable 24/7 airport car service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Washington DCA Airport Unique in Terms of Architecture?

Washington DCA Airport is renowned for its modern and functional architectural design, blending aesthetics with practicality and winning several architectural awards.

How does Washington DCA Airport Contribute to the Local Economy?

The airport is a significant economic driver in the region, creating jobs and contributing to the local economy through its operations and associated businesses.

What Are Some of the Unique Passenger Services Offered at DCA Airport?

The airport offers a range of services including high-speed Wi-Fi, luxury lounges, and innovative amenities aimed at enhancing the passenger experience.

How Does  DCA Airport Prioritize Environmental Sustainability?

The airport implements various green initiatives and sustainability practices, showcasing its commitment to environmental responsibility.

What Future Developments Are Planned For DCA Airport?

Washington DCA Airport continuously evolves with plans for expansion, technological upgrades, and enhanced passenger services to meet future travel demands.


Washington DCA Airport is not just a transport hub; it’s a historical landmark, a testament to architectural and engineering prowess, and a crucial part of the region’s economic and cultural fabric. Whether for its convenient location, rich history, or impressive facilities, Washington DCA remains an integral and fascinating part of air travel in and out of the nation’s capital.

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